All downloads offered under will function without any restrictions and can be distributed freely (shareware). They can be used in all applications and commercial. Source code of Access databases can be seen only against fee to be edited and extended.

The ActiveX are Freeware.

Each download can be licensed to be free of shareware messages. Also the full versions are intended for unrestricted and commercial use. For product lifetime license includes update and support. License codes remain valid.

Goods and services provided by Sensalgo (Hamburg, Germany).
Payments by 

To the single place licenses the following individual prices apply:                                                    

No Software Dependencies   Version Price total Price
12 CarRent MS Access DB source code    
2.0 5


13 FlexibleDB MS Access DB source code    
1.0 5  5


By using one of the buy buttons above you are passed on for payment. Directly after the payment you receive a download link of the license file. The downloaded files are ZIP files, which can be opened immediately within the archive, so that non personal license is activated. From this time on no license reminders will appear. 

The confirmation in writing of your license as well as your personal license code is sent by e-mail. You receive invoice and payment confirmation.

Concerning the Office applications (12 and 13) you find a text file within the downloaded archive containing the password.

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